Wayside Infrastructure Asset Monitors


TekTracking and MPEC provide the world’s leading solution to wayside and on-board sub-system and component monitoring. Our product is one of the best in the market that provides alerts of impending equipment failure. These alerts are generated as a result of 24/7/365 automated measurement and monitoring of over 50,000 digital and analog signals.

Predictive maintenance offers several revenue driving benefits:

•  Reduce train delays caused by malfunctioning equipment

•  Reduce off-hours work done by maintenance staff responding to a critical failure

•  Increase maintenance personal efficiency by allowing them to proactively repair equipment – preventing the need to deviate from scheduled maintenance in the coming days/weeks due to an unexpected failure

TekTracking’s hardware & software have been designed to be highly configurable and expandable to provide end-to-end condition monitoring solutions for many different applications. Here are just a handful of applications currently in use:

•  Switch Condition Monitoring

•  Track Circuit Monitoring

•  Interlocking Relay Monitoring

•  Power Monitoring


• We have monitored and predicted failure with level crossings, overhead line, embankments, structures, environmental sensors and generator equipment.

• We have the ability to “learn” to monitor and predict failure with nearly any type of railroad infrastructure – please contact us to discuss monitoring equipment not listed above!

Browser-based “Centrix” software platform provides graphical replay, analysis, alerts and predictions from the acquired data. Centrix provides a common communication protocol to access each fielded monitoring module. It also provides a common interface point to your 3rd party data analytics platform.  Centrix allows for an entire network of monitoring modules to be programmed to monitor a variety of analog/digital inputs and feed all the data into a single platform for additional analysis and fault prediction. Centrix resides either on the railroad’s server or optionally delivered as a cloud-based service.

Centrix Points Alert Wizard

Centrix Digital Data Replay View

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