Enhance Safety with Connected Crossing Solutions

Automated gates, lights & bells at grade crossing warn pedestrians & motorists of approaching rail traffic. Failures can be fatal. Crossing Vue 360 (CV360) offers comprehensive crossing surveillance, from train tracks to highway traffic. It’s your tool for safer crossings and trespasser detection.

Safety Light Monitor (SLM) is a multi-sensor device designed to monitor the integrity of a signal light from the perspective of an external viewer of the light. The SLM device are specifically chosen to remotely mimic the periodic inspection of signal lights and easily mount under the sun shield of any signal light.

Gate Light Monitor (GLM) mounts on the crossing gate pole and monitors the gate arm position while in transition. Once the gate is activated, the GLM automatically detects the all flashing and steady lights on the gates. Alarms can be generated if a failure condition is detected.

Edge Image Processor (EIP) is the intelligent processor located inside the signal bungalow that interprets all images generated by Signal Light Monitor (SLM) and Gate Light Monitor (GLM). The algorithm running on the EIP interprets data generated by all sensors and determines failure conditions and can set alerts.

Ready to Modernize your Rail Operations

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