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Track Inspection, Maintenance, Planning & Scheduling

Track Inspection, Maintenance, Planning & Scheduling (or TIMPS) revolutionizes all aspects of track maintenance. It augments the railroads’ current track and roadbed inspection practice while providing digitized inspection and maintenance reports to support failure trend analysis initiatives.


TIMPS connects all essential stakeholders through an easy to use mobile app that relays information to and from a centralized server. The centralized server provides a complete picture of the track inspection & maintenance status to key personnel responsible for track integrity

Digital logging of inspections with pictures and audio for review and storage

Optimized selection and assignment of resources, assets, and tasks

Improved insight towards the overall working of the system

Dynamic planning and scheduling of activities and resources

Eliminate offline reporting and manual data entry

Continuous review and improvement of processes aimed towards improving work efficiencies

User authentication and delegation of required responsibility to appropriate workers

TIMPS Mobile App

TIMPS mobile application helps track departments effectively manage and prioritize system-wide track inspection and maintenance tasks. TIMPS ensures inspection of all track assets per the frequency prescribed by the railroad and FRA CFR Part 213, & Transport Canada TSR requirements. Track inspectors & maintenance teams interact with the TIMPS system through the mobile application to record inspections, report and remediate defects found in field.

TIMPS Web App​

TIMPS web app provides customized views to management overseeing track inspection activities. Roadmasters have a live view of all inspections and maintenance activities occurring throughout the railroad and can be assured that workers are focusing on the highest priority items. All completed maintenance and inspection reports are stored on the TIMPS web app and are easily accessible.

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Track Inspection, Maintenance, Planning & Scheduling



Signal Inspection & Testing Effeciency

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