XPASS ALERT: Detect, Alert & Save Lives

XPASS ALERT is a specialized sensor suite for reliable trespasser detection. It alerts trespassers and offers optional connection to engage them in vital conversations with trained authorities, potentially saving lives. Our mission is to identify unauthorized individuals in hotspot zones along the railroad right-of-way.

Trespasser detection with audible warning alerts

As illegal railroad trespassing, often connected to suicide attempts, continues to escalate, our response becomes pivotal. This is especially true in the U.S., where these incidents surpass grade crossing fatalities. XPASS ALERT’s dedicated sensors guarantee precise detection, warning trespassers, and enabling potentially life-saving conversations with authorities. Our emphasis lies in pinpointing unauthorized individuals within recognized hotspot zones along railways. Once detected, XPASS ALERT promptly issues a pre-recorded alert to the trespasser.

Key Features & Benefits

Traditional manual testing and inspection methods in railroads can now give way to digital innovation. Embrace technology for enhanced safety, improved performance, and streamlined organizational efficiency in worker practices and equipment management.

Small and lightweight multi-sensor package

Easy to set up and begin its surveillance mission

Multi-sensor platform for better detection

Accurate detection, warning messages, and automatic authorities notification

Optional solar power and cellular modem

For flexibility in installation and support permanent or temporary surveillance of illegal trespassers

Caring for Lives

Urgent support with compassion, connecting to mental healthcare. Your safety matters

XDU (Trespasser Detection Unit)

The XDU unit combines sensors, a loudspeaker, modem, GPS, and CPU/GPU in a single enclosure for accurate detection. With diverse and redundant sensors, XDU minimizes false alarms. Strategically mounted at 15 feet, it covers a 30-meter range and communicates pre-recorded alerts via its built-in loudspeaker.

Ready to Modernize your Rail Operations

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