Finger Lakes Railroad has selected the TekTracking TIMPS as their Track Inspection Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Software

FAIRPORT, New York – May 26th of 2020 – TekTracking LLC, a railroad asset management technology development company, today announced the Finger Lakes Railroad has selected TIMPS to manage all track inspection, maintenance, and scheduling activities.

TekTracking’s Track Inspection, Maintenance, Planning and Scheduling Software (TIMPS) is the latest in a family of mobile application inspection technology developed to assist track departments effectively manage and prioritize system-wide track inspection and maintenance tasks. TIMPS ensures manual inspection of all track assets occurs per the frequency prescribed by the railroad and FRA Part 213 requirements.

The track inspectors are equipped with TIMPS mobile application on their Android or iOS device to record all track-related deficiencies found during an inspection. The mobile app communicates the deficiency data to TIMPS back office, where the data is graphically displayed for the track manager to review. TIMPS enables track managers to be immediately informed of the status of all track, from inspection to maintenance and repair. Gregory Fogarty, TekTracking CEO says, “We are thrilled that Finger Lakes has selected TekTracking and we look forward to working with them for many years to come.”

TIMPS Web App Dashboard
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