North American Class One Railroad Purchases First SLM Pilot

FAIRPORT, New York – February 18th, 2019  – TekTracking announced today it has received an order from an unnamed Class 1 railroad for the patent-pending Safety Light Monitor (SLM) pilot system.

The TekTracking SLM is a patent-pending sensor platform used to measure & verify the operation of safety lights used in grade crossings, wayside signals, and similar safety critical lighting applications. The SLM is a wireless, self-powered, self-charged, robust multi-sensor device designed to operate over 10 years without intervention.

The SLM addresses the “missing link” in railroad remote condition monitoring applications.  Due to the government-mandated requirement to manually view the alignment and conspicuity of safety critical lights, the adoption of automatic remote crossing and signal inspection technologies is immature.  Greg Fogarty, TekTracking CEO stated, “with SLM, fully automated test and inspection of crossing and signal locations is now viable, and this promises even greater safety gains for motorists and railway workers going forward.”

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