TekTracking Announces Second Major East Coast Transit Authority Customer

FAIRPORT, New York – August 27th, 2019 TekTracking announced today it has successfully installed and commissioned a new wayside infrastructure asset condition monitoring site at a critical six switch interlocking and a separate high-volume grade crossing location on a second major U.S. East Coast transit system.

The transit agency will have access to real time asset condition data collected in the field with compact and modular Digital Storage Oscilloscopes (DSO). Data will be transmitted in real-time to MPEC’s Centrix machine analytics platform to provide the agency with alerts when device performance degrades.

The TekTracking/Mpec solution provides rail operators with the tools to remotely diagnose performance issues affecting the proper operation of wayside assets. Centrix allows users to log in via any web browser and examine asset performance from anywhere. Remotely diagnosing problems allows rail operations to focus maintenance activities on reducing the failures, resulting in improved train transit times.


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