TekTracking Announces Second Major Rollout of Remote Gate/Safety Light Monitoring Application for Canadian Class One

safety light monitor

FAIRPORT, New York – July 8th, 2020 – TekTracking LLC, a railroad asset management technology  development company, today announced a new order as part of the continued rollout of Gate Light (GLM) and Safety Light Monitors (SLM) at additional grade crossing locations for a Canadian Class One railroad.

Low profile SLM installed under sunshield

Low profile SLM installed under sunshield

The TekTracking GLM & SLM are part of a patent pending sensor platform used to measure and verify the operation of safety critical lights used in grade crossings. These devices are low profile and strategically mounted around the crossing for full view of all lights and a 360° view of road/track.

The GLM & SLM address critical field-testing requirements for railroad grade crossings by enabling remote and continuous monitoring of all signaling lights, safety lights, lights, and gate arm position & integrity.

Data (images and streaming video) captured by each GLM & SLM are communicated over a private communications network to TekTracking’s associated Edge Image Processor (EIP). The EIP is the master network controller for up to 64 nodes and performs image & video analysis to determine device health and generates alarms based on anomalies or equipment malfunction.

The GLM & SLM are the latest field installed components of TekTracking’s “Connected Crossing” solution. The Connected Crossing incorporates several specialized sensors and processors interconnected to fully monitor all aspects of grade crossing performance in accordance with FRA crossing inspection requirements.

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