Launch of TIMPS ahead of Railway Interchange – An Innovative Maintenance Optimization Application

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FAIRPORT, New York – September 20th, 2019 – TekTracking announced today the official launch of a Track Inspection, Maintenance, Planning and Scheduling (TIMPS) mobile application.

TIMPS is a mobile application developed to help effectively manage and prioritize system-wide track inspection and maintenance tasks. The track departments can now use TIMPS to ensure that manual inspection of all track assets occurs per the frequency prescribed by the railroad and FRA Part 213 requirements.

TIMPS optimizes the inspection process by providing all stakeholders with real time inspection information. It provides a digitized version of all pertinent inspection information, including; work plan, forms, historical defects, new defect reporting, and estimated inspection time based upon asset type.

TIMPS Mobile App Dashboard

TIMPS Dashboard

TekTracking team has worked closely with railroad companies while developing TIMPS in order to ensure that the app has all essential features for efficient track maintenance and inspection. TIMPS is the first in a series of mobile applications that TekTracking will release in the coming months to support asset life cycle management and state of good repair.

CEO Gregory Fogarty commented: “this rollout demonstrates our continued commitment to delivering quality products that support Linear Asset Management. Our platform will allow Railroads to have real time visibility of asset health and state of good repair across all disciplines and facilitate constructive dialog.”


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