Safety Benefits of Linear Asset Management

Safety is the front and center of the technology innovations in the railroad industry. Most companies spend millions on enhancing and introducing safety features into their solutions annually. In this post we’ll discuss 3 ways that a smart linear asset management solution adds to the safety of rail operations.

  1. Safety through Predictive Maintenance

It is inevitable that from among hundreds of assets in a rail operation, some are going to be nearing failure, that’s why it is important to predict, report, and correct failure as soon as possible. Predictive maintenance ensures asset health and safe operations in the moment and in the long term.

Having visibility into all assets and points of potential failure sets the rail companies apart from their competitors as they can respond quickly and often proactively through ready-to-use data about critical assets.

  1. Safety through Remote Condition Monitoring

Linear asset management systems add to the asset reliability-and safety-in three key ways: integrated remote condition monitoring enables the failure prediction and prevention; secondly, the real-time visibility into asset health metrics provides insights into any unforeseen incident and lastly, freely flowing data empowers the key decision makers and field workers to take care of any incident immediately.

The close integration of data generation, data analysis, and propagation of information makes linear asset management solutions efficient and reliable as compared to having siloed data centers within each department.

  1. Safety through Planning

Linear asset management solutions align the asset condition data with geospatial coordinates which is critical when the assets are spread across hundreds of kilometres. The availability of real-time asset health data enables the decision makers to minimize the routine manual inspections and keep the field engineers and technicians available where they are required to prevent or correct a failure. Coupled with roster information of available staff and the required maintenance to carry out linear asset management solutions take the rail operations safety to the next level.

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