Ontario Northland Railroad Selects TIMPS & SITE as their Track Inspection/Maintenance Planning Scheduling & Signal Inspection/Testing Efficiency Software

Fairport, New York December 2nd , 2021

TekTracking LLC, a railroad asset management technology development company, today announced that Ontario Northland Railroad has selected TIMPS & SITE to manage infrastructure inspection and testing. TekTracking will equip Ontario Northland Track and Signal Personnel with mobile applications to log all data related to Track & Signal inspection and testing.

“TekTracking is excited to welcome Ontario Northland Railroad on to our technology platforms, after an exhaustive search we are delighted that the team identified all of the benefits that come with the TIMPS and SITE mobile apps. These solutions will allow Ontario Northland to immediately see benefits in the way Track & Signal Inspection, Testing, and Repair is planned and executed.” says Greg Fogarty, TekTracking CEO.

“We are excited to advance our inspection & testing regime and look forward to working with the TekTracking team to implement this solution for Ontario Northland.” says Drew Duquette Vice President of Transportation.

TekTracking’s TIMPS revolutionizes all aspects of track maintenance. It augments the railroads current track and roadbed inspection process while providing digitized inspection and maintenance reports to support failure trend analysis analytics.

SITE optimizes the testing process by providing stakeholders with real time field information as well as digitized versions of all pertinent test information, including automatic scheduling of inspection/test tasks, electronic test procedures, status overview of upcoming tasks, customized reports of test results and data, and supervisory alerts when inspection schedules are at risk of violating mandated inspection intervals.

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