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Elevate Yard & Mainline Efficiency with TekTracking

Our Yard & Mainline Technology is a game-changer, enhancing yard operations’ efficiency and safety. We’re all about empowering railroads to manage their systems independently through an open-source approach. TekTracking ensures a smooth setup, maintenance, and ongoing support, all while boosting in-house resources for streamlined yard operations.

Components include:

Discover how TekTracking’s Yard & Mainline Technology is reshaping the future of rail operations.

Industrial-grade switch machine controllers for rich analytics

Sunlit tablets for flexible switch/route alignment

Advanced non-proprietary radio network with troubleshooting software

Next-gen Office Control System, CTA: The latest in yard tech.

Explore the TekTracking Commander Control System

Tailored to address critical yard areas:


Switch Machine & Switch Protection


Radio Network


Switch Control Tablets


Soft Control Panel

Explore more about these solutions here

Commander Terminal Automation tablet and workstation


Commander Terminal Automation



Commander Mainline


GS Monitor

Genset Monitor

Ready to Modernize your Rail Operations

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