CCEG7H Symington Yard, railyard, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Revolutionize Control with Commander Terminal Automation

Commander Terminal Automation (CTA) is an innovative control system utilizing TCP/IP protocols, open-sources tech, and wireless devices for a cost-effective yard control solution. With full open-source hardware, TekTracking CTA empowers railroads to take control of their own maintenance. Gone are the days of endless support calls to nonresponsive suppliers – With CTA you are empowered to buy off-the-shelf components that can be supported with in house personnel.

Commander Terminal Automation tablet and workstation

Expected Benefits

Experience Unmatched Cost Savings and Enhanced Flexibility with Commander Terminal Automation (CTA) – Your State-of-the-Art Control System

Includes system management software for advanced troubleshooting capabilities

Light weight, sunlight readable tablets to initiate switch/route alignment by field operators, for a more flexible operation.

Modern & field-proven, ethernet-based switch machine controllers utilizing industrial protocol w/ rich machine analytics and event reports

Next generation Office Control System, CTA (Commander Terminal Automation), latest technology available

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Commander Terminal Automation tablet and workstation


Commander Terminal Automation



Commander Mainline


GS Monitor

Genset Monitor

Ready to Modernize your Rail Operations

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