GenSet Monitor: Streamline Your Monitoring

GenSet Monitor, your solution for streamlined monitoring of generator and Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) locations. We’ve designed this platform to provide you with real-time insights and automated alerts to ensure the optimal performance of your critical systems.

Key Features of GenSet Monitor

Comprehensive Monitoring

GenSet Monitor covers a range of field locations, including West Sub Interlocking, East Sub Interlocking, and many more.

User-Friendly Interface

Our web-based User Interface offers an intuitive overview of all Generator and ATS locations. A color-coded heat map simplifies status indications.

Reliable Communication

We use the BRC fiber network and a network Gateway to ensure seamless communication between the field and the GenSet Cloud Server.

Efficient Alerting

Receive instant alerts via email and SMS for crucial conditions like ATS backup source activation, generator status changes, and low fuel percentages.

Independent Monitoring

Each location is equipped with CommFront devices for independent monitoring of Generator and ATS Controllers.

Genset Monitor App

GenSet Monitor empowers you to manage your critical systems efficiently, reducing downtime and ensuring peace of mind. Explore our platform to take control of your generator and ATS monitoring needs.

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