Top 3 Factors to Consider for Track Inspection Software Selection

Track inspection and maintenance operations have many aspects that can benefit greatly by implementing the right technology solutions to automate critical parts of the operations. Deciding how to select the right technology to address the challenges can sometimes be a struggle. In this blog, we’ll share 3 key factors to consider while assessing track inspection and maintenance software suitability for your railroad.

  1. Feasibility

The first and foremost criteria for investing in a new technology is to check the feasibility of the track inspection technology specific to the railroad company’s unique needs. Does your railroad have complete cellular coverage for data exchange between the mobile application and the enterprise server? If not, you will need to verify the new technology can operate under these poor data communication conditions. Same question regarding tunnels and areas where GPS signals do not penetrate. It is crucial the technology you select is operational under all conditions or its value is diminished.

The track inspection automation software must meet the feasibility for not only financial, but also safety, regulatory and usability factors. The technology must be user friendly and safe for track inspectors and have all the necessary workflow features to make life easier for the managers. Lastly, the reporting elements of the tool must be robust enough to address any regulatory requirements.

  1. Integration with existing systems

Lack of technology integration with existing systems is one of the biggest deterrents that keeps railway companies stuck with the legacy systems. So, while selecting a new track inspection and maintenance technology, it’s critical to know the requirements of your existing systems and select the new technologies that would require minimal changes to be integrated in your operations.

  1. Future readiness

While investing in any technology, it’s smart to invest in the technologies and companies that are considerate of technological changes and that have a realistic road map for the future. So, if comparing two choices, the technology with the robust features that can last longer would be better than the one that would need to be replaced in the near term.

If you need in-depth consultation on railway track inspection and maintenance technology assessment, our consultants are here for you. Contact us with your questions on topics related to track inspection technology.

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