Year 2019: Partnerships Recap

This is the second part of our blog looking back at milestones that we achieved during 2019. Our proudest achievements are only possible with our partners, so here is a recap of the key partnerships made or strengthened during this year.

Mpec Technologies

TekTracking first became active in late 2017 and leveraged our strategic partnership with Mpec Technologies (Part of Tracsis Group) to deploy their state of the art Centrix Predictive Analytics server platform and data loggers throughout North America. We continue to grow the installed base and now have over 500 loggers communicating data to Centrix servers installed at six customer locations, with several more planned for 2020. This mission-critical capability is actively alerting signal maintainers to impending failure of any signal-related equipment, providing the maintainer time to fix the issue prior to stopping trains. Our most notable accomplishment this year was the deployment of our first Grade Crossing Monitoring solution, a natural extension of our traditional signal monitoring capabilities (more to come on this).

Through multiple customer and partner discussions, we identified an extraordinary gap within Transit Asset Management (TAM) planning and implementation. Through these discussions we have created the vision for a software platform aimed at bridging the gap between actual railroad maintenance activities and the enterprise asset management systems inability to manage railroad linear assets.


We also furthered this vision by partnering with Gioconda Rail to utilize their video asset mapping and video capture technology to enhance our linear asset management offering. We completed our first pilot in 2019, and 2020 is expected to be a big year for this technology.


The most important partnerships that we have established are with our customers. Our team has worked tirelessly over the past years to create trusted relationships with all key clients. This allows us to lean on them for advice and guidance to ensure our new products provide value to railroad operations, but equally our team provides railroad maintainers with actionable data focused on minimizing train delays.

As we wind down for the holiday season, we want to thank all of our partners for their continued support. We wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Roll on 2020!

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